"Absolutely brilliant! I could not have asked for more." 

1-on-1 Tactical Consulting for Outdoor Brands. 

Rob Gabriele is a former USAToday Network Producer. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Writing, and he’s consulted for dozens of companies on growth hacking & marketing. Rob has worked for billion-dollar outdoor brands like REI & EMS, so he knows the market and what gets your customers to buy.

You want on-brand writing that's as sharp as a tack. Sharper. You want stories that sing and sell. . . at the same time. That's my jam. I find the pitch-perfect voice that will move your audience to action. And then I get to work crafting the perfect order of words. 

I'm a great fit for small to mid-sized companies, and I love writing for the disruptive startup. I'm NOT the best fit for stiff-necked corporate writing (life's too short for that). So get in touch today if you're looking for a creative approach and writing that truly engages. 

Services: SEO blog writing; web and print copywriting; product descriptions; ad writing; e-mail campaigns; video scripts; sales pages; social media advertising; direct response copywriting; e-books and e-courses; white papers; etc. 

"You get what you pay for. . . Rob and I started working on a little project and he nailed it with virtually no instruction! I wouldn't go anywhere else for writing and Rob is now in charge of all the writing across my 5 companies. Your money is safe here. . . get him while you can!" - James Hayward, Coachella Media

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